for Elementor

  • Build a custom WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Style the Elementor Editor UI
  • Add custom Exit Bar to your editor
  • Schedule and delay the display of content
  • Parallax, zoom and particle Section backgrounds


Compiling the best ideas, controls and CSS styling from a growing community.


Ideas from the community. Extensions developed for the community.


Simple extensions to control content, workflow, UI styling and UX.

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Extensions for Elementor, the drag & drop live page builder for WordPress.
Granular Controls extends the functionality of the Dashboard, Elementor Editor and Section Controls.

Site Branding

Why just stop at designing your site front end. You know that WordPress Dashboard? Well you OWN IT

Build your own Welcome Panel

  • Build it in Elementor
  • Save it as an Elementor Template
  • Granular Controls > Advanced Settings
  • Activate - Elementor in Dashboard
  • Activate - Welcome Panel
  • Select your beautiful Panel Template
  • Save changes
  • Drool over your new dashboard

Make it your own!

Particles.js Backgrounds

Love those interactive bouncy spinny particle backgrounds? Well look no further with our Section background particles.

Section background particles

  • Granular Controls > Editor Options
  • Enable Particles
  • Elementor Editor > Section > Style > Background
  • Enable Particles
  • Set the panel height
  • Grab a Particles JSON from the handy link
  • Update and Preview

In your face J.J Thomson!

Exit Bar

Does the WordPress Dashboard seem like a distant place? Wouldn’t you like to exit easily, quickly and arrive where you want? With Exit Point it’s simple.

Return to dashboard quickly

  • Granular Controls > Editor Options
  • Activate Exit Point
  • Select your end-point
  • Save changes
  • Buckle up ready for a speedy exit!
  • Bonus feature > View Live Page

Leave quickly, no fuss.

UI Skins & Flex Widgets

Don’t settle for 5 shades of grey. Editor skins in glorious colours. And don’t be squeezed for space with flexible widget pallet. 

Improve your editor control panel

  • Granular Controls > Editor Options
  • Change Editor Colour
  • Enable UI Hack Widget Panel
  • Soak up the colour!
  • And flex those widgets.

Work in style

Parallax / Opacity / Scale

Enrich your Section backgrounds. Not just Parallax.
Add Opacity shift and Scale effects. 

Section Parallax backgrounds

  • Granular Controls > Editor Options
  • Enable Parallax
  • Elementor Editor > Section > Style > Background
  • Enable Parallax
  • Select from Scale / Opacity / Zoom
  • Set the Speed
  • Enable Mobile Support
  • Update and Preview

Scroll, Opacity and Zoom!

Schedule & Delay

Be more productive and get ahead of yourself. Create content for the future. And let Granular Controls take control. 

Control when your content is displayed

  • Elementor Editor > Section > Layout
  • Delayed Content > Set Time in decimal minutes
  • Content appears when the times up
  • Elementor Editor > Section > Layout
  • Scheduled Content > Set Start and End Dates
  • Content shows only during that schedule

Do delay and save it for another day


Granular Controls

For Elementor
$ 0
  • 10 Extensions
  • Dashboard Branding
  • WordPress Support


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Visit Elementor > Granular Controls to access the settings – other settings are accessible via the Editor and set on per page/section/column basis.

To resolve this any widgets placed in the section will need a higher z-index – Go to the Advanced tab of each widget and set the z-index to 1 & save

In order to avoid scripts being loaded on sites that are not using these options a setting control has been added where they can be switched on and off as needed – See Elementor > Granular Controls > Editor Options.

You can enable or disable the bar via the settings page – Visit Elementor > Granular Controls > Editor Options to activate it.

As the admin page is being modified this may happen on some sites but the widgets are not lost – simply click on the screen options and turn them on again.

Just activate Accordions Closed from Elementor > Granular Controls!